What a productive day it has been so far! Yesterday was my last ever day of University with an exam in the morning and then work in the afternoon/evening. The last four years of worrying over assignments, exams and placements are finally over and I can now be left to my own devices! WhichI have used well today i think!

After watching The Apprentice on catch-up with Chris,I sent photos of the mararthon to my family. I then went for my first training run, a 2.5 jog around the local park. It felt good to be out, but my fitness has definitely deteriorated, i was puffing and panting by the end of it. Here are my stats:

Distance: 2.51 Miles

Time: 25mins 34 secs

Average pace : 10.11

Elevation gain: 120

Calories burnt: 225

After the run I went with chris into town and while he went to work i had a look for a paper shredder, of which there were none in stock! Then i came home to do a very thorough clean of my room, put clothes in the wash and then relaxing watching Britains got Talent with some knitting, ahhh this is the life 😀 Going out for a meal tonight with Chris, apparently its a suprise, hmmmm.

Another run to plan for tomorrow now 🙂


Yesterday was the first day back into running since the London Marathon, an easy 1.74 miles around a park near Chris’ house. He also came along and we decided to head in different directions, meet in the middle and then at the end.

Considering it was only a small run, there were a few eventful thing that could be mentioned, firstly it was tipping it down with rain when we started, making it look like we were complete loonies, then half way around there was a MASSIVE puddle taking over the whole path and the road next to it so we had go on the grass to swerve cars splashing waves of water over us, and then Chris got chased by a tractor along the path and when he tried to go on the grass to let it pass, it followed him there too.

Here are the stats:

Distance: 1.74 miles

Time: 16.38 mins

Average pace: 9.35

Elevation: 32 ft

Calories burned: 156

p.S chris beat me!! Ahhh!!! How??? Not Fair :p

I didnt do too well at blogging about my training for the London Marathon, but to be honest, i didnt do to well at training at all. With ankle and hip injuries, dissertation and final year university work, I came very close to quitting altogether. However, with one week to go and a trip to the walk in centre it was decided i would at least give it a shot and if I felt unable to carry on, at least i could say I had tried.

When we first arrived at the starting area, my mum and I met some people who were also running for Roy Castle and in the same pen as us; it was good to talk to them and hear that one had been in a similar position as me when it came to the training. Felt a bit calmer for it! The first few miles went really well and I became quite excited that there was minimal pain in my hip and i felt determination that i would be able to complete it even if it meant walking half of it! The only problem I did have was drinking wayyy to much and needing the loo , i stood in a queue for twenty minutes!

The best part had to be going over tower bridge and knowing my boyfriend, friends and family were all waiting at the edge to cheer us on. I pretty much sprinted that part to get to them! Chris had jelly beans ready, (although apparently had eaten most of them himself) and there were lots of hugs to be shared too.

Mum and I at Tower Bridge 😀

A mile and a half after tower bridge i needed the loo again so mum told me to run on to the next ones and she would carry on, with the idea that i would then catch her up after the massive queues. However, when I came out and had ran a mile she was still nowhere to be seen. I passed the Roy Castle cheering squad and they hadnt seen her either, so i just carried on, picking up speed now i was on my own and found i was able to run ten minute miles! Mile 24 it started to rain and i was getting a lot of pain coming from my baby toes, i thought the ankle strap may have got caught on it so stood to the side to try and sort it. It turned out that actually I had managed to get a massive blister covering the whole surface of the toe and it had popped. With two miles to go I was limping towards the mall and of course i had to run the last 385 yards! :p The people at the end saying congratulations were amazing, and being given my medal left me in complete disbelief that I had managed to complete that distance!

I just ran a marathon! Ahhh!


 It was a bit of a nightmare trying to get away from there though to the meet and greet area, but so worth it to see Chris and Sarah waiting for me! Had a nice massage in the Roy castle tent before mum appeared and had one too. All other friends and family appeared around this time and we had a chat before making our way back to Euston. I completed the marathon in a time of 5 hours and 46 minutes. So an amazing day running 26.2 miles, and I would definitely do it again! So much so that just yesterday I entered myself for the Liverpool marathon taking place in October. With no uni work to distract me, lets see if I can knock off an hour from my time by training properly, and remember to blog about it!

Looking at the days photos on the way home 🙂


hey everyone,

Once again ive left it ages between my blogging, and not a lot of running has happened in between either! Starting to panic slightly now that i’ve messed up my training! Have created myself a proper plan (very late i know) to try and sort myself out.

So whats happened since i last wrote? Had a lovely birthday (14th feb) playing board games at an old fashioned pub, then a surprise birthday meal out on the friday at Prezzo and vegan chocolate brownie cake!! Made by my bestest mate Sarah ❤


Chocolate vegan brownie cake!

Also started dating the most wonderful guy in the world, feel very very lucky to have him 😀 Although i took him to meet my mum this week where he started a fight with our cat Teddy :p It ended in Teddy biting him…I think it was well deserved!

Poor Teddy

Back to the running, today i ran an easy 7.85 miles in 1 hour 18mins, shaving off a whole mile from when i last ran 6.45 miles in 1 hour 19 🙂 getting faster!

When i left the house it was a bit windy but nice and fresh, however once id got to the one mile mark it started to rain, and became steadily heavier. Now i dont mind the rain at all, in fact i find it quite refreshing. I just find it pretty embarrassing to see people looking at me like im completly mad. I feel the need to justify myself by saying it wasnt raining when i left!! I dont know why haha.

Lovely english weather 😀

The route i took was a bit different than normal, and included two different ponds with a lot of flapping canadian geese honking at me! ahhh! It was nice to get home in the warmth and have a hot hot shower before looking at my running splits. They were pretty even for once with average 10 minute miles and one 9 and half minute mile 🙂

NEED to remember to blog from now on though, no more slacking!

what wonderful weather we have…not! Can’t find the ipod lead to upload some of the photos, but yeah…freezing cold, snowing and apparently in some parts of the country its ice raining!

Today i walked to uni with a friend (Chris), roughly 2 miles and as a part of that through bradlaugh field which was basically sheer ice. There are lots of small but steep hills and we neglected to go on the path for the beginning of it using small ice trails! Chris nearly went over at one point and that was on the path! We had fun though 🙂

After coffee in the restaurant he headed off for work and i went into the library to do some dissertation work before an oh-so happy lecture on euthenasia…or not. The debate became very heated with some strong oppositional views, i wont go into them on here though…

Yes once again i should of probably ran it but im afraid of falling on the ice and ending up injured. I promise i will get back to running on saturday. :s

Work tomorrow! Fingers crossed the trains will be running ok considering the weather..time to wrap up in a blanket and drink hot chocolate 🙂

Goodnight all x



oh dear…

so i have had a complete and utter fail week! I have no excuses, i am rubbish. Gahhh!

I have done no running at all since last tuesday. I can’t even say it was because i was busy with dissertation work, when i was also neglecting (and still am) that. It started with ‘i will have today as a rest’ because my friend had been on holiday for the weekend and i had missed them much more than i expected and wanted to see them…then it turned into another day and another, then it was -8 outside…no thanks…and then it snowed….

So yes, i failed abysmaly and for that i feel very ashamed and behind track. But its time to give myself a kick up the backside and get back to it. I will run tomorrow, i will run friday and my long run WILL happen on saturday morning. Need to catch up fast!

Now to read lots of blogs to guilt trip me into definitly going out no matter how cold tomorrow 😀

Another nine hour shift of being constantly on my feet and 3 hours worth of travelling to get there and back and yet I am still pretty awake and happy! This is probably because while i was there my new manager said they would still honour my previously booked holiday on the 4th March and SO..as soon as i got home (half hour ago) i entered myself into the milton keynes half marathon eeeek!! Hoping this will help me to feel what the actual marathan is going to be like. Looking forward to it.

So tomorrow…the plan is to go running morningish, do some uni work, need to work on my dissertationm meet up with a friend late afternoon for a catch-up and then go to a body conditioning class at my gym in the evening, thats going to be interesting!

But now its definitely time for bed,

G’night all